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Wake Up Wednesday!!!          Happy 2017!!!

Hello everyone and Happy New Year!!  I am Debbie Sodergren the CEO of Up Vibrations, LLC and I am an energy body vibration expert. Today I wanted to be with you for a few moments to check in with you and say Happy New Year! It’s 2017!, and I wanted to check in and see if you are using any energetic tools?

Aahhh…Energetic tools you ask, what are those? Well…An energetic tool is something to help you keep your vibration high and would be something like,  have you done a vision board?

 How are you going to create things in your life if you have not set an intention and what a great tool to use when setting intentions is a vision board! I have done mine for 2017, and I am very excited about it. However…I had not done it until last week when I went to visit a dear friend who is also an entrepreneur and she was great about saying”hey, over there are all the tools, I have a meeting, you get your vision board done.” And with that, I did! Because I am coach-able!,  and I understand that she had my best interest at heart so she was good about keeping me accountable in doing something, that I hold my clients accountable for which is creating a vision board at the beginning of the new year. Let me grab that vision board and share it with you just so it gives you an idea of how I did my vision board. Below is a picture of my vision board.

Taadaa! I realize that we all have different things that we want to accomplish in our life, that is the beauty of being embodied in this beautiful human vehicle. Okay, so for me… the things that are important to me I put on my vision board. I love the fact that in this photo on my vision board, she is so easy going and carefree and kind of hippyish, I totally resonate with that. I like the rings on her fingers, I like the fact that she wears nail polish because normally I do not, I am busy with my hands in the dirt gardening or doing the dishes or cleaning something so I never really get my finger nails done that often. However, but I do get a pedicure all the time because I love looking at my toes and I think it’s great that my toes are polished instead of my fingers.

I also want to stand up more, that is important to me. I want to eat clean and get lean and I want to be on the air more… so whatever is important to you that you want more in your life, put it on your vision board, and I’m telling you these things work!.

Now, for my clients I recommend doing it on an 8 1/2 by 11 cardstock paper. I do mine on an 8 1/2 by 11 cardstock paper.  As I start manifesting those things in my life that are on my vision board I start checking them off. I then use a 3 hole punch, punch  into the vision board and I keep them in a binder so on those days when I get up and my energy is low, and I am just kind of feeling eh, asking myself what’s the point,( we all feel that), it’s not just you. When I have those days and on those days, I grab my binder of past vision boards and slowly look through them and I am able to raise my vibration up again, because I have these reminders that say “yeah.. you are an amazing manifester, look what you have created in your life. You Rock! And by having those little accolades, having those reminders on my vision board, it really helps to keep my vibration up. So that is what I would like to hold all of you accountable for. Feel free to leave a comment and if you have done your vision board feel free to share a photo of it, I would love to see it. Because when you share from a high vibration with somebody and they want to celebrate with you, that is what is going to expand! That is what will multiply! And it will get even larger. How cool is that? Right? So go ahead and share your vision board, we would all love to support each other in keeping our vibration high and bringing it into expansion.

For me, what I have noticed is because I have been doing this for so many years, I’ve noticed that within six months time I have manifested everything on my vision board. How amazing is that? And so the next thing I do is create another vision board! It hasn’t even been 12 months, it’s six months in and I am doing another vision board. So, be aware and give yourself a tool of creating a vision board. All you need is 8 1/2 by 11 cardstock paper or a poster board if you want it bigger, glue sticks, scissors, old magazines to cut out of and play some of your favorite music and you set aside one hour of time and spread all your supplies out on the table and start working on your vision board. It’s that easy guys. It’s just taking the effort and making it a priority to do.

I hope you enjoyed this wonderful energetic tool that I shared with you, make a vision board! Start 2017 off on the right foot by setting the intentions of what you want to attract in the Year this year. Whether it is with health, work, business, relationship or money… Everything is connected. What you want to attract… cut out pictures, and words of inspiration and put them on your vision board and see how quickly you can manifest.

The other thing I like about my 8 1/2 by 11 vision board, if I take it and I put it up on the mirror in my bathroom, I know I will look at it twice a day. I know when I wake up in the morning and I am brushing my teeth and I am waking up into my day, I am looking at my vision board and I am thinking “yes that is what I want to create in my life” and that keeps my vibration high and I have now set the intention going forward in my day. Then I  ask myself “well what am I going to do in my day to eat clean? Or ask myself when am I going to make time to stretch or go for a walk? What am I going to do to create more money and help more people in my business?” because that will probably be on my vision board too. That sets the intention for my day and then I go about my day creating and daydreaming and working and doing things I love doing and I am present in those moments.

Then, at the end of the day when I put on my pajamas and get ready for bed and go in and brush my teeth, what’s on my mirror? That’s right, my vision board. I am looking at my vision board again and I am recounting my day, “oh yes, I did move my business forward today by making those phone calls or working with that client. I did take care of myself by eating healthy choices today. I did go for a walk with the dog” and I filled up my soul and my spirit and it got me moving. I think to myself, I had a great day today. Wow, look at me manifest, and with that thought, I go to bed and for 8 hours while I am in dreams state, I am still manifesting and co-creating because I am on that higher vibration. It’s the coolest thing ever. I hope you have enjoyed this blog today.  At the end of January, I will be at an event called Possibilities in Paradise and speaking at that event. I am so excited to go there!  Where I am now, the weather is cold so I am looking forward to getting down into the Sun and having some fun. Have a great Wake Up Wednesday. Now go create your vision board!  😉

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