Happy New Year!

New YearSo…here we are. 2014. It certainly came in on a positive vibe, with Jan. 1st being a New Moon on the 1st of the New Year! Wow! Can you feel the vibe?

I decided I’m not a ‘resolution’ setting kinda girl. Instead, I invite you all to join me in finding your power word, or power phrase for 2014.   I’ve been really thinking about this ALOT.  Going into the new year, I wanted to be informed, kinda know what’s coming, get a little insight on what to expect. So I do what any normal vibrational being does and I reach out to my metaphysical friends for recommendations. I start out with getting an astrology reading done using my birth chart.  After my session with her, I begin researching and using resources such as Astrology for the year ahead, Astrology for the Month of January on the internet.  YouTube provides great links, I have my favorites. After listening to alot of different takes on astrology during the year of 2013,  you know, the ones who informed you and were spot on, well, now I only confer to them.  Through listening to that and gaining insight from reading articles, I decide I needed to look at my Chinese astrology, my birth year has me to be a member of the snake tribe. This year, 2014 is the year of the wooden horse.   I wanted to know how the snake was going to do in the year of the horse, and found a great short synapsis that was worth printing out and putting up in my office. When I was done with all this research, there was a common thread for me through out everything I listened to or read and that was pay attention to your health.  Hmm…I had a physical, I meditate, eat ok, exercise occasionally. I think  I’m healthy. OK. OK!  Now I am paying attention.  I get real honest with myself. and  I decided my power phrase is going to be Mindfully Healthy. To me, this means that I will be present when I think about what to put into my body and make the choice to get out there and exercise even though I don’t want to, because of the common theme. So there you have it. I invite you to think about, maybe research and listen to the information coming into you and find what your power word or power phrase will be for 2014. Once you got it, print it out and put it everywhere to remind you, in your home, in your car, in your wallet, on the fridge door or even on the door going outside, just to give yourself that little nudge.

A lot has changed for me with my business the month of December. I was logging onto my website and checking out my site and it suddenly hit me, “Deb, it’s time for change, Just Be isn’t what your about for the new year…..you are about teaching people to raise their vibration” was the message in my head. So, I say out loud, “Then what is my new business mantra?” and a voice in my head answers: Up Vibrations. Voila…just like that, I call my creative tech guy and BOOM! , he is on it!   After a few conference calls with him and my joint venture partner, I sit back and take a few deep breaths.  I ponder this new insight. Wow. It’s right, I’m not about “just be”…that was the last few years, teaching people to be present.  My spirit guides are calling me to keep moving, changing and teaching others and that can only happen when their is movement, cool….so Up Vibrations it will be, helping others to consciously raise their vibration.  What a year it will be! How fun! Join me on this amazing journey and let’s look ahead to 2014 through the eyes of our inner child…with wonderment~

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