Intro To Meditation & Awareness

Come and learn how to meditate and what that means. Many people keep saying “I can’t meditate…I have a hard time quieting my mind”.  In this course, you will learn how to relax your body and begin to control the mind through easy visualization exercises. Always using a gentle guided meditation in each session, the instructor will offer useful tools that you can use at home to enhance a sense of well-being and peacefulness. The art of “letting yourself go” can be learned. Going beyond beta level into the alpha level has benefits which include: clarity, more energy, better physical being, better breathing, stress reduction and a developed sense of mental awareness. Wear comfortable loose non-constricting clothing. You may bring a pillow to sit on. Bring water to hydrate. Note taking and journaling are encouraged and handouts will be given during the lecture part of class.

Intro To Meditation & Awareness (PER105)
Sessions: 4
Dates: 10/13/2016 to 11/10/2016
Meeting Time:
Thursday  6:30 PM – 7:30 PM
Location: Essex Wellness Ctr, Essex, CT Fitness on the Water – 8 Novelty Lane
Instructor: Debbie Sodergren
$197.00 (Class Fee)
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