Energy Medicine

What is Energy Medicine?

We are all connected, EVERYTHING is made up of Energy. All living things emit an energy field.

Energy Medicine unblocks stagnant energy and restores vitality by amplifying the body’s natural health and healing ability. Energy medicine views energy fields as a living, dynamic force which can directly affect health and happiness.

In traditional Chinese medicine, this energy is called ‘Qi’ (chee) and works with the meridian system in the body associated with the lymphatic system.

In traditional India medicine according to the Vedas, there are Chakras in the body. Chakra means ‘wheel’ and these energy vortexes are the channels that energy flows inside and through us.

These Chakras are the gate ways of our Auric field. The Aura is a many layered energy field located around the outside of our physical body.

These ancient sciences discovered that we indeed do have suble energy systems in and through our body.

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