Just Be... A 4 Week Course on learning tools to become more mindful and aware of who you really are.

"I can't meditate .... I have a hard time quieting my mind".

Does this sound like you?

Come and learn how to meditate and what that means.

In this course, you will learn how to relax your body and begin to control the mind through an easy visualization exercise.

Always using a gentle guided meditation in each session, Debbie will offer useful tools that you can use at home to enhance a sense of well-being and peacefulness. The art of “letting yourself go” can be learned. Going beyond beta level into the alpha level has benefits which include: clarity, more energy, better physical being, better breathing, stress reduction and a developed sense of mental awareness.

This is a 4-week series of mindfullness to increase your magnetic presence and energy.

Each week is designed to return you to your power and
connect you to your intuition.

Week 1

Getting to know one another

What meditation is.... and is not!

Setting the scene

Getting comfortable

Using breath

Week 2

Objectives of meditation

Origins of meditation

Healing with meditation

Focusing the mind

8 attitudes of mindfulness

Week 3

A deeper look at meditation

Brain division

3 concepts of meditation

The Chakra System overview

3 practical steps

Week 4

Different types of meditation

Mantras and the 7 stages

Importance of group meditation

Using visualization

What is channeling?

Just Be... Mindfulness and Awareness 4 week course

Let Debbie lead you through these enjoyable, centering, and relaxing meditations. For each class: Be sure to wear comfortable loose non-constricting clothing & have water to hydrate. Note taking and journaling are encouraged and an e-book copy of Debbie's  "Just Be.."  will be given to each participant.  

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